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Scannada Provides a Free State of the Art Intra Oral Scanner and Computer While Reducing Your Lab Fees by Up to 40%

We've Broken the Bottom Line​

We have partnered with MEDIT to provide a brand new, state of the art, MEDIT i700 WIRELESS INTRA ORAL SCANNER and the necessary COMPATIBLE COMPUTER for FREE.


Eliminating impression material and bite registration material saves at least $20/impression - a cost that is always rising with inflation.

Perfect Visualization

Doctor has PERFECT visualization of the prep and al critical areas with ease, including the distal of the second molars, giving an opportunity to refine any "rough" spots.

Occlusal Reduction Visualization

Doctor has PERFECT visualization of the occlusal reduction which greatly reduces the need for tedious adjustments chair-side or redos.

Total Control

Doctor has TOTAL CONTROL during the bite registration procedure. This eliminates the patient biting incorrectly into a material the Doctor cannot see through.

Superior Shading

he chair-side photo feature of the MEDIT scanner helps eliminate shading issues by presenting a picture of every case with the shade guide, prep and adjacent teeth al together without using a separate camera.

Improved Comfort

Eliminate the gagging that many patients experience with conventional impression techniques.

Prerfered for Invisalign

Preferred method of impression for Invisalign providers.

Save Time

Takes less time to scan a prep than make conventional impression and time is MONEY.

Reduced Turnaround

Time getting finished prosthesis back from lab REDUCED by 3 days.

Scannada Benefits

We Accept All Scanner Files

Offering a 10% discount to offices that have their own scanner.

Let’s Get a Scanner in Your Office

Contact our office to get questions answered, ask about our free scanners, and get started. We’re looking forward to helping your practice go digital and reduce lab fees. Call us at 1-844-597-0066.